Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

  • What Exactly Is Homebound Patient Care And Who Qualifies For It?

    There are many medical terms that are thrown around, and most laypeople have absolutely no clue about what they mean or refer to. In most circumstances, they are explained by a healthcare professional, but even then it can be tricky to understand why they are used in the first place and what to do. One of these terms you will see is "homebound patient care," and you may be trying to figure out if you qualify for this or not.

  • Sharing Your Home With A Senior Loved One? Here Are Three Ways To Make It Work

    If you have an aging parent or other loved one who's resistant to the idea of entering an assisted living facility but who can no longer safely live alone, you may be thinking of welcoming that person into your own home. At the same time, you probably have some understandable concerns, and you may have heard unhappy stories from others who haven't had good experiences with going this route. However, these living situations can be enriching for everyone involved with the right kind of planning, and there are community-based resources designed to take the burden off of family members.

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Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

I have a passion for seniors. When I was growing up, my granny was my best friend. She helped me with my homework every day after school and was always ready to lend an ear when I needed someone to talk to. As I grew older and my grandmother did as well, she developed dementia. My parents, siblings, and I all took turns visiting her home to give her the extra care she needed. I learned a lot during this experience and know there are others out there with elderly relatives they are already caring for or suspect may need some extra care. I decided to create a blog to share my senior care tips with anyone and everyone who needs the advice. Come back often for new posts!