Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

What Exactly Is Homebound Patient Care And Who Qualifies For It?

by Florence Morrison

There are many medical terms that are thrown around, and most laypeople have absolutely no clue about what they mean or refer to. In most circumstances, they are explained by a healthcare professional, but even then it can be tricky to understand why they are used in the first place and what to do. One of these terms you will see is "homebound patient care," and you may be trying to figure out if you qualify for this or not. Here is a brief outline of homebound patient care that will point you in the right direction going forward. 

What Is Homebound Patient Care?

Someone who is medically ruled as 'homebound' is someone who cannot leave their property without significant help from either medical equipment (such as a wheelchair) or the help of a carer. That might sound like it would not apply to many people, but once you take into consideration the aging population, you realize it can apply to millions of Americans. However, most of those are not that ill or suffering from disabilities; they are just frail and need a little help when in unfamiliar environments. To qualify for homebound patient care, you normally need a more serious injury.

What Qualifies For Homebound Patient Care?

Most people who are ruled as homebound do not require specialized care, but some will. For example, these might be those who have lost limbs or been paralyzed in an accident, people suffering from chronic illnesses that have no cure in sight, people who have been disabled since birth, and so on. If you need a specialized care provider to come and visit you in your own home to ensure your health remains in as good a shape as possible (or slowly improves), then you most likely qualify for homebound patient care. Just being old is not generally considered grounds for homebound patient care, but sometimes it can be.

How Do You Receive Homebound Patient Care?

To get homebound patient care, you need to talk with either your primary health care provider or your local physician, or you should get checked out at a hospital. These places will put you in contact with great homebound patient care services in your area and you can begin negotiating a timeline of when you need carers to come and visit and what they need to do. If you are organizing this for a loved one, make sure you have all the relevant details about them ready so that you can answer common questions that healthcare workers will likely have about them. 

Contact a company that offers homebound patient care services to learn more.


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Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

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