Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

Relying On Professional Hospice Services For End-Of-Life Care

by Florence Morrison

When you and your family are faced with saying goodbye to a terminally ill loved one, you may find the coming days to be daunting and difficult. You do not want this relative to linger in distress in a hospital room. However, you also realize that you nor anyone in your family have the skills or time away from work to provide around-the-clock needed care.

Instead of leaving this person in a cold, impersonal, and noisy hospital room, you can transfer them somewhere that focuses on providing empathetic and attentive end-of-life care. You and your family can benefit from relying on professional hospice services to care for your terminally ill loved one. 

Attentive Comfort Care

The hospice that you contract with for your loved one can provide 24/7 comfort care that keeps them out of pain and free from anxiety. Terminally ill patients often experience significant pain and distress from illnesses like cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. Without pain medication, they may suffer extensively in their final days.

However, hospice caretakers are authorized to administer pain medications like morphine and hydrocodone to relieve patients' pain. They can also provide anti-anxiety medications to keep patients calm and free from needless panic and fear.

Family Comfort

Hospice caretakers are also adept at explaining what is happening to patients to family members. Some people want to know if their loved one can hear them and knows that they are there. Others want to know if their relatives are in any pain as they slip away.

Hospice care workers can reassure relatives that their loved ones are safe and as comfortable as possible in their final days. They can also reassure families their loved ones will not be alone when other family members cannot be there. Someone will always be in the patient's room so that person will not pass away alone if their relatives are away at work or taking care of errands.

Finally, many hospice agencies make available or can refer families to grief counseling services. Families can receive counseling to find closure and peace with the loss of their loved one to a terminal illness.

Hospice care can provide beneficial services to both patients and their families. They keep patients out of pain and free from anxiety in their final days. They also provide reassurance to families and make available grief counseling services.

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Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

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