Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

What Care Can Be Provided By Home Health Care Services For Higher Functioning Senior Citizens?

by Florence Morrison

As people age, they may not be able to do everything on their own that they were capable of in their younger years. However, they may not require constant around the clock care and still may be able to care for themselves to some extent. For those senior citizens who are still considered higher functioning, home health care services can be very beneficial. These are some of the types of care that home health care services can provide for higher functioning senior citizens.


It is not always safe for an elderly person to be cooking alone at home. Fortunately, this is an area where home health care service providers can be of great assistance. Whether there is a need for all cooking to be done by a caregiver or the senior resident only needs someone to help them cook and ensure their safety while doing so, cooking meals is one of the services that is offered by home health care. Caregivers can also pick up restaurant meals and deliver them to the resident to be enjoyed in their own homes if preferred. 


Housekeeping is also provided to seniors residing at home as well. This often includes cleaning, doing laundry, and even doing outdoor activities, such as working in flower beds or gardens. The amount of housekeeping provided depends on the level of need the senior resident has and how frequently it needs to be done.


Some senior citizens feel it is best if they no longer drive themselves from place to place. Home health care providers can help ensure that senior residents get to all their necessary appointments by taking them to and from the appointments as needed. Home health care providers can also take seniors to and from other places, such as the grocery store, the beauty salon, on visits with family and friends, and to their place of worship as well. If the resident prefers that the caregiver run errands for them by picking up groceries or going out to pay their bills, this can also be arranged.

Senior citizens also often enjoy the companionship a home health care service provider has to offer. Just like anyone else, seniors do get lonely living at home alone sometimes. If the senior resident has certain hobbies they enjoy, such as going to movies, going to play bingo, or going to flea markets, home health caregivers often spend time with them participating in these activities as well.

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Tips for Helping Your Favorite Senior Stay in Great Health

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